Thursday, 19 November 2009

How Do You See Karl? The Results!

Well, this has been a fun fortnight watching the entries come in! I think all of us were very worried when we started this non-Competition that there would be nothing to show here! The idea of creating pseudonyms and new art styles was tossed around, but luckily it did not have to come to that. There's a really different range of art here, which was exactly what we were after! We'll be taking all of these to Leeds tomorrow so we'll be posting soon after to show how it all went!

All of us at Kronos City want to say a great big thank you to everyone who got involved. We know a lot of you who sent in work have a lot on the go so we really appreciate the effort. We'd also like to say a special thank you to video game folk punk band Elfonso who all got involved!

The entries are listed in the order they were sent in, with Joe Willes doing his Karl the day after the non-competition was announced, and Stephen Downey sending his literally minutes before we put this blog up!

Keep checking back to the blog, as there will be more of these non-competitions to come, and who knows, we might even turn them into actual competitions, with prizes!

Mark Hanna's Karl

Illustration for Children (MA) Student


Josie Clouting's Karl
Fine Art Student

Aiden Smith's Karl
Illustration for Graphic Novels Student
(the background is the 1981 ablum 'Heaven Up Here' by Echo and the Bunnymen)

Comic Artist/ Graphic Designer/ Illustrator
James is working on the upcoming Insomnia novel "The Ballad of Frank Sartre" by James Peaty.
Illustration Student

Nathan Sharp's Karls
Illustration Student

Graphic Designer

Studio Engineer


Beany said...

Ooo, all very nice

Stephen Downey said...

They're all fantastic!

James said...

Agreed - all these Karls look wonderful!