Monday, 18 October 2010

The residents of Kronos City have a new home

This weekend was a big one - all the creators of Kronos City were at the BICS comic expo in Birmingham, with The Sleepless Phoenix launching 'Survival Stories,' the first anthology from the collective, featuring the print comics debut of Andrew, Alex and Lauren. Jim is old hat by now. The rest of us are new hats.

The even more momentous occasion was the official signing of Kronos City to Time Bomb Comics, with the lovely Steve Tanner. Contracts have been signed, hands have been shook and we can finally break the news, which has been all kinds of good after a few months of uncertainty.

We'll be back updating the blog more regularly with more of the previews and features which I'm sure you came to know and love. And to kick us off, I've been sitting on this picture I drew of all the main residents of Kronos City like a bottle of champagne waiting for the right special occasion.

And we have photos! Horray for photos.
This is Lauren and her shoulder as she signs Survival Stories. Look at that quality handwriting.

Alex appears to be just flicking through his instead of signing it. I'm sure he found a blank page somewhere to sign. 

I look more like an office clerk than an excited author. I assure you I was dancing on the inside.