Thursday, 5 November 2009

How do you see Karl?

Alex's Karl

Andrew's Karl

Lauren's Karl

Recently Team Kronos City decided to compare their characters. Everyone sees a character differently so here are our versions. Here at Kronos City, we'd also like to see your ideas of Karl, which will be published here on the 19th of November, just before the Thought Bubble Convention where they will also be on display. Here's a description of Karl:

'Karl is a vampire, but one of the Donor Movement ones so he doesn’t hunt. He’s actually kind of anorexic, and doesn’t really eat at all. He’s about as threatening as a kitten wearing a top hat. He’s tall and very, very skinny. He wears very tight black t-shirts and jeans, so tight that you can practically see the bones through them. He has a cute button nose and tiny fangs. Vampire eyes are bigger than human eyes, and very expressive, but they are totally black, no whites or irises, and the pupil is a white dot. He has very pale white skin and pronounced cheekbones, and black spiky hair that looks like he spends far too much free time on it in the mornings and far too much money on hair product on it. He moves very gracefully, almost effeminately. He has pointy little ears.'

Please send all your pictures to, along with your name and any internet contact details you'd like us to link to. Hope to see the interpretations!
EDIT: previously the submission date was the 20th, please send it by the 19th to ensure it can be printed for saturday! Thanks!

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James said...

I like all of these Carls! Each has something pretty special about it.
I look forward to seeing some more interpretations.