Sunday, 22 November 2009

Kronos City is Winner

Alex and I have just returned from the Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds. We had a brilliant day, beginning with a talk by Nigel Dobbyn about the way comic art has moved from traditional to digital, with the pros and cons of each. We also attended the cosplay event, to see what everyone had come up with. It wasn't quite to the same standard as the London MCM show, but we still has a great time. My personal favourite was Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII, who began shouting the fanfare and the whole room joined in.
Alex and I were able to meet Jim for the first time, which was brilliant. The Karl pictures were brought along in a portfolio and shown off. We'll definitely have to run another of those at some point!
In the evening we attended the after show party with friends and went to the Dr Sketchy Leeds Burlesque Life Drawing. It was incredibly fun, beginning with 5 quick sketches and leading into two competitions. The first was a left handed (or right handed if you are left handed) competition, which Alex won! The next competition was drawing in the style of your favourite artist. As I didn't have acrylics, canvas and varnish and a good few days I decided to go with the event and draw in the style of whoever drew Jessica Rabbit. On telling my friend Lou this, she asked if that was Beatrix Potter, so that's what I ended up with. I was given second place for my efforts and was awarded with a balloon dog, which Alex and I named Dogsvin.

Overall? A brilliant weekend!

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