Saturday, 4 July 2009

Sci-Fi Comics and Cards Fair

We've just returned home after the fair. The day started with a real 'I've got a bad feeling about this' vibe. It could have been the star wars marathon we embarked on the night before, or the fact that we got so lost that we ended up doing a U-ee in a Youth Offenders Centre with great big green gates in front of it (disturbingly open). When we arrived from our chaotic (and slightly scary journey) the place wasn't quite what we expected. It was a little bit small, in the back room of a Nautical Pub. Still we went in and explored the collections they had on offer. My greatest find was a Marvel Earth X comic going for ten pounds; I already have a few from that series and the Universe X (that I won in a comic competition a while back) that are signed, so there's something for the rainy day fund!
Overall it was a very fun outing, though mostly for the company and the explosions of road rage from Alex. I'm looking forward to the Birmingham International Comics Show far more, and can't wait for it!

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