Monday, 20 July 2009

The Allure of Azure

Recently Alex and I had our work on display at the New Designers Show in Islington. While there we saw a girl who we simultaneously named as Azure, a character who will soon become much clearer when the Chapter One e-book preview is online. Azure is the fairy receptionist at Karma Inc.

After completing this picture, it became more apparent that this is what Azure felt like to us, maybe not so much how she looks in the novel. It's more of an alternative concept. Maybe she's having a tough time in Kronos City and hasn't the time to do her hair, whereas this is when she goes to a photo shoot. I'm going to go for that as a reason anyway.

I'd like to thank Rhiannon Ellis, for letting me take her photo. I'm sure I scared her a little, and I felt very nervous asking for the photo, but luckily for her Kronos City does exist and we haven't done any weird Photoshops to her face. Thanks again Rhiannon.

Rhiannon Ellis

Chapter 1 Azure Preview

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